American Classic Ballet Theater & Training Center

ACB is home to America's purist classical ballet training center and dance theater. Our mission is to establish a ballet training facility and theater that trains and employs the highest level of classical ballet dancers and choreographers to preserve the unique culture and heritage of the classic ballet in the United States.

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ACB is forming a search committee to find the perfect location for our new permanent training facilities in the southeastern United States. We then plan to register as a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the IRS. We urge anyone who may be interested in contributing and being a part of this fantastic team to contact us. We are actively soliciting inquiries for all of the following positions & more.

Classical Ballet Dancers

We are looking for inquiries from classically trained ballet dancers of all ranks. We are hiring full-time & part-time ballet dancers as well as sponsoring visas for temporary membership programs at our theater. Experience dancing in a troupe is a plus.

Ballet Dance Instructors

We are interested in hiring and sponsoring the visas for classical ballet teachers to join the faculty at our new training facility once it is complete. Experience teaching is a definite plus.

Classical Choreographers

At this time, we are accepting applications for classical choreographers. Experience & Balanchine Trust licensing is a plus.

Grant Writers

We are looking for individuals with experience fundraising & writing grants for non-profits with a passion for classical ballet.

Dance Brands

We would be happy to gain sponsorships from dance brands interested in supporting our mission.

Donors & Sponsors

Please get in touch with us if you can help us by being a partner in giving or wish to become one of our permanent sponsors.

Here are a few of our sponsors


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American Classic Ballet (ACB) is proud to announce the release of the ClassicBallet™ curriculum of ballet technique mobile app. This beautiful app comes in both free (ad-supported) and plus versions and is available on both IOS & Android. Containing everything a beginner or advanced dancer should know about the ins & outs of classical ballet technique, the app is beautifully photo-illustrated by renowned dance photographer Jos Moody. Download the app to your phone or tablet today & start your classical ballet journey.

* Requires iOS 10.0 / Android 9.0 or later
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